Our DJs

DJ Huggy Bear

huggy bear

DJ Huggy Bear is an open-format DJ that spins a variety of House, Hard House, Hard Dance, Top 40 remixes, and general EDM tracks in his sets.

This variety gives life to his sets and keeps his listeners coming back for more. You never get bored during a set.

He loves his shows to be interactive and loves interacting with the listeners during all of his broadcasts.

Don’t let the name fool you!

Coby D

coby d

DJ & Producer from Cape Town, South Africa. Spinning since 1995. Born and bred Hard House DJ on the wheels of steel.

Co-owner of The SoundHouse Recording Studio SA – Sound Engineer, Producer and Remixer. One of the four winners of the international 12Inch Thumpers Champion Sound remix competition in 2003 and part of the official wrecking crew of Rough House Radio, Fridge & Freezer. Dubbed as Sir Bass of Bass land by loyal Rough House Radio fans, and known to turn UK BBQ’s into full blown party riots.

It does not get any harder than this!

DJ 401K

dj 401k

I have always loved music my entire life, particularly EDM. Being a DJ was always something that interested me even as a child. After focusing on my career in the military and being a Veteran of the war in Iraq, I decided as I am approaching my retirement from service to actually become a DJ.

With the help of an accomplished DJ from Miami that I served with, I am now mixing and hustling everyday to learn new techniques.



From Cape Town, South Africa, Fakes has mastered most styles in the electronic genre with Trance being his main focus. Also part of the official Rough House Radio wrecking crew, Fridge & Freezer.



Dan Gussack aka Goosey, is simply infatuated and passionate about all types of dance music. Starting off as a writer for a music website, he has a vast interest in all styles.

Goosey spends most of his time experimenting with different sounds, but loves making his vocal edits that combine all different genres in one. In the process of producing, he hopes to make music unique to all who have come before him. Beautiful lyrics, intoxicating melodies, and tons of personality are expected to be coming out soon through the productions of Goosey. He’s also constantly on the hunt for unique sounds to fit into his live sets.

Goosey will continue to make music and move forward in a competitive fast paced industry, and keep up with the demand for quality dance music. In the end his goal is to do what most hope for, accomplish something greater than himself through music.

DJ Tequila


DJ from the Netherlands with one mission….To take over the world with his Dirty Dutch Beats!

This DJ is Mixing HARD, FAST, and LOUD!

DJ Tequila will be providing monthly guest sets live on Rough House Radio!

Fridge and Freezer


A collaboration between resident South African Rough House DJ’s Coby D & Fakes. A duo that started back in 1995, mixing and mashing up all styles of EDM.

Better get the kids to bed, this one is rated-R.



Not many people can claim to have a big history in music before they arrive in college. However, for 1TRIK, it’s seemed he’s done it all by his recent arrival on Dewme Records.

But Electronic music wasn’t his first choice, thinking it wasn’t for him. Several failures in Rock bands and a solo production act led him to decide otherwise, and the results were in his favor. He decided to apply the energy in both his Punk and Glam Rock groups and combine them with Electro House, which resulted in a fury of bass that shredded like guitars in an Ace Frehley solo, crossovers with samples from Detroit Rock acts such as the MC5, and a balls-to-the-wall approach that kickstarts his songs straight to the drop. The result, topped with a mind for a catchy beat that got him his signing to Dewme Records, is a force that seems like will only grow.

1TRIK himself has described it very enthusiastically, “It Takes A Nation Of Triksters To Hold Me Back”!

Project Bongerz

project bongerz

A coming together of cosmic minds… Project Bongerz was born!
Put phat bass lines, booming beats and … Massive melodies into a funky blender and you get a Project Bongerz smoothies of mayhem

DJ Mike

dj mike

Michael Scarfò (aka Dj Mike) was born in Casale Monferrato on June, 12th, 1996.

Since he was a child, he noted his passion for music, especially Pop and the early 2000′s Italo Dance. From a simple passion for the dance music, it became a lifestyle. In 2011, he knew the Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

From then he started his ambition to become a DJ and a Producer, with programs like FL Studio, Virtual DJ and Traktor. His favorite genre is Trance, and his favorite DJs are Armin Van Buuren, DJ Antoine and Mike Candys.