Best Techno Clubs In The World

People go to clubs to have fun and dance the day’s stress out. A techno club is a very good place to do this considering the music is one to dance to. Some of the techno clubs around the world are here.

Club Musicbox

Found in Northeast Ohio, is one of the best techno clubs known. The genre of music it majors is not only techno but also electronic, house, minimal and rock. Every evening it is open hosting a music loving crowd ready to party all their troubles away.

Riccione club

Found in Northeast Italy, it is one of the most famous clubs in the country. It host as many as even tourists that visit the country and the area. Over the years, it has morphed into one of the hottest and the most sought out clubs by people around the country.

Berghain and Panorama Bar

A typical techno club situated in Berlin, is one of the most known and liked clubs in Berlin. It is the hub of the techno lovers in berlin. Providing awesome service in what they do and with a DJ doing his best to blast the best music in the club, they even manage to pull in people touring the place.


This bar was founded in 1999 in the United Kingdom. This club has given a new meaning to clubbing in London. With the best in techno music and other genres, the DJs make sure to keep the crowds ecstatic and on their feet. This place is well known for its over the top sound system.

Club Batofar

This club caters for a wider crowd in terms of music. Going from techno to electronic to rock to drum and base to technohouse and house too, the DJ works hard in this place. With this kind of music, this place is usually packed every night with people ready to party and have a good time. This club is found in the city of love, Paris.

Club Pacha

A night club found in the City that never sleeps, New York. Well we now know that the nights are to forget the day’s troubles hence this place comes in handy. With the best entertainment group there is, this place is doing all it can to keep people entertained and well pleased to come back again and again and bring more people with them.

Club Amnesia

Just as the name suggests, you may have an amnesia after leaving this place because of all the fun you will have had from this place. With music playing all night and booze to give you the energy you need to keep going, this place is dedicated to giving you the good time you need. This club is found in Ibiza. It is one of the best clubs in the place.
There are many more other techno clubs around the world that are good. These seven are some of the very best around the world. With a visit to this places then you will have a story to always tell.