10 Romantic House Music

1. “Robin Schulz”- Headlights.

New and definitely a favorite for house music lovers. It is by a German DJ and featuring an American artist, Ilsey Juber. It was release in German an immediately picked as the sixth on the single track chart. It was released last year on the 3rd of April. His song is about a guy who will be waiting for his love even when she chases the headlights just like the songs name. The song writers were Robin, Ilsey, John Ryan, among others.

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2. “When you touch me” by Tanna Gardner

This is a type of music that captures the essence of the people. Produced by a post-disco singer and a former member of the Aural Exciters, it is music that leaves your ears wanting to hear more and more. This is an old but just as much captivating record now as it was when first released.

3. “Blaze” by Most Precious Love

Released in 2005, by an American duo, Barbara Tucker and Blaze, was a song accepted by many. It was released twice after which it climbed to the top of the Billboard Chart in 16 weeks. This song left many yearning for their most precious love.

4. “Deep Dish” by Say hello

This song has two kids who like each other but cannot actually see each other. They have to leave things in a hole as a way of communication. Well is this sweet just knowing that someone loves you and makes an effort to talk no matter what. It is a soft and sweet music reminding you of a fundamental hello in a relationship

5. “Fresh Band” by Come over lover

This is the type of music which is an extension of the DJ telling a story. The combination of the lyrics, the rhythm and the message in the song is one that will keep romantic house lovers coming back for more from this track.

6. “Teach me” by Bakermat

Well we have another one of those. Those that are pleasing to both the ear and the heart. This music is soothing to both you and your heart. Speaking of heart, it speaks to both you and your soulmates heart. For amazing music, look no more. You just found your go to tune.

7. “Love don’t let me go” by David Guetta

Performed by French, DJ David Guetta, and Chris Willis is the second song in his album Just a little more love. This is besides the fact that in UK, it is assumed to be the album’s lead single.

8. “Wish you were mine” by Phillip George

A great jam that many listen to for entertainment. It is what many house lovers go to for a cool romantic time with music. It is one of the best house song currently out there.

9. “Love is the message” by M.F.S.B

A masterpiece in the house music. This is deep house in all aspects. Well this is no doubt considering the M.F.S.B are a one of a kind group in the house music industry

10. “Sam Feldt” by Show me love

A song loved by people in love who love romantic songs. With this song, Romance is literary in the air. It is now an appealing song for house lovers.