Denon DNS3700 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & Controller Review


The Denon DNS3700 brings the best of both worlds to DJs that want digital ease of use and portability, but vinyl feel and scratching features.

With a rock-solid 9″ high-torque, direct-drive platter, you will get all the positives of vinyl without the worries of the needle ever skipping on you.

As soon as you power these babies up you see a blue glow that just makes you want to start mixing and your first instinct is to touch the 9″ platter.

The strong point of the 3700 is the familiarity that all turntable enthusiasts are going to feel with it. Everything is right where you would expect it to be and functions perfectly. The high-torque direct-drive motor has plenty of power to keep the vinyl moving and has three settings as far as power goes, which is great for any DJ that wants to show off their scratching skills in the club.

The 3700 brings the world of digital and analog together brilliantly by providing a world of effects, the ability to read any type of CD or USB/flash drive, the ability to link multiple 3700′s together via network cable, and the wonderful digital display with a world of knowledge at your fingertips if you aren’t using a laptop with software.

The construction of the unit is very solid, as is to be expected from Denon. The faders are smooth and the knobs are solid and feel like they will stand up to some serious abuse and knob twisting. The buttons are fairly standard and should be fine for their purpose. The combination of metal and plastic with solid feet to stabilize the unit makes it rock solid.